Next Meeting

Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

Main Meeting starts 8pm
Kelly Park Centre,
Princes Highway, (Synnot Street),
Next to the RSL, Werribee.
Mel Ref 205 K9

Information Day @ Bunnings
Saturday 8th September

Hoppers Crossing Warehouse
Old Geelong Road 9am - 2pm
Plenty of free advice and good growing tips

Meeting Night: Early Growers Group

The Early Growers Group starts at 7.10pm
This session will be held in the "Card Room"
Plenty of advice and good growing tips are offered at these sessions
Feel free to drop in and learn something to improve your culture

Werribee Orchid Club
Monogrammed Clothing
All clothing will be navy in colour with the club logo embroidered on the front
Any queries should be directed to the Secretary

Werribee Orchid Club is on Facebook

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2018 Spring Show & Sales
and Photography Competition

Saturday September 15 9am - 4pm
and Sunday September 16 10am - 3pm
Italian Sports Club
601 Heaths Road, Werribee

July Plants of the Night

Best in Open & Judges Vote
Dendrochilum anfractum
Di Visser

Best in Novice,
Maxillaria nigrescens
Brian Micallef

Best in Junior
Cym Sarah Jean 'Vapour'
Angelina Micallef

Best Seedling First Flowering
& Popular Vote
Lc Australian Frangipani
Wayne Garner
Werribee Orchid Club Melbourne Western Orchid Society Orchids Australian Native Cymbidium Dendrobium Sarcochilus Cattleya Sophronitis Vanda Speciosum Kingianum Falcorostrum Epidendrum Delicatum Striolatum Laelia Anceps Ella Victoria Leaney Gillian Kathryn Banks Jonesii Falcatus bark coconut coir husk perlite pine fern masdevallia dracula dockrillia watering drought spraying humidity mounted potting phragmepedium paphiopedilum suave maddidum olivaceous australis zygopetalum mackayii species hybrid tracyeanum bulbophyllum lycaste coelogyne liparis oncidium dendrochilum OSCOV bulbophyllum speciosum Acanthephippium unguiculatum, Taiwan devil-queller orchid Aceras anthropophora, Hanged-man orchid Aceras anthropophora, Green men orchid Aceras species, Man orchid Acianthus caudatus, Dead-horse orchid Acianthus caudate, Dog orchid Acianthus caudatus, Mayfly orchid Acianthus exertus, Gnat orchid Acianthus fornicatus, Pixie cups Aerangis curnowiana, Pearl of Madagascar Aerangis punctata, Pearl of Madagascar Aerangis rhodosticta, Pheasant eye orchid Aerides, Cat?s-tail orchid Aerides, Fox brush orchid Aerides quinquevulnerum, Orchid of the Sacred Sleep Aganisia cyanea, Blue orchid Amitostigma alpestre, Alpine chicken orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis, Pyramidal orchid Angraecum leonis, Lion's moustache orchid Angraecum magdalenae, Queen of the Angraecums Angraecum sesquipedale, Christmas orchid Angraecum sesquipedale, Christmas star orchid Angraecum sesquipedale, Comet orchid Angraecum sesquipedale, Rocket orchid Angraecum sesquipedale, Star of Bethlehem orchid Anguloa, Crib of Venus Anguloa especially clowesii, Cradle orchid Anguloa especially clowesii, Tulip orchid Anoectochilus, Jewel orchid Anoectochilus formosanum, Taiwan jewel orchid Ansellia, Leopard orchid Ansellia, Tiger orchid Aplectrum hyemale, Adam & Eve Aplectrum hyemale, Putty root Arachnanthe clarkei, Spider orchid Arachnis, Spider orchid Arachnis especially flos-aeris, Scorpion orchid Arachnis especially maingayi, Scorpion orchid Arachnis hookeriana, White Scorpion orchid Arethusa bulbosa, Dragon's mouth Arethusa bulbosa, Wild pink Arpophyllum giganteum, Bottle-brush orchid Arpophyllum spicatum, Hyacinth orchid Arundiana bambusaefolia, Bamboo orchid Arundina graminifolia, Bird orchid Arundina species, Sugar cane orchid Ascocentrum pumilum, Small horn orchid Atorina erubescens, Christmas flower Bartholina, Spider orchid Batemannia colleyi, Goat's head orchid Bipinula fimbriata, Turk's whiskers Bletia purpurea, Pine pink Bletia striata, Hyacinth orchid Bletilla formosana, White rhizome orchid Bletilla hyacinthina, Hyacinth orchid Bletilla striata, Peacock orchid Bletilla striata, White chicken Bonatea species, Spider orchid Brachystele diuretica, Woman's dress Brassavola cucculata, Fireworks orchid Brassavola nodosa Lady of the Night orchid Brassavolas, Ladies of the night Brassia, Spider orchid Brassia caudata, Cricket orchid Bulbophyllum barbigerum, Bearded bulbophylllum Bulbophyllum crassulifolium, Wheat-leaved bulbophyllum Bulbophyllum flaviflorum, Golden Comb orchid Bulbophyllum macraei, Wu-lai cirrous orchid Bulbophyllum makayanum, Daisy orchid Bulbophyllum pachyrhachis, Rat tail orchid Bulbophyllum purpurea, Lizard orchid Bulbophyllum retusiusculum, Yellow Comb orchid Bulbophyllum species, Black orchid Bulbophyllum transarisanense, Lily orchid Burnettia cuneata , Lizard orchid Caladenia augustata, Musky Caladenia Caladenia bicalliata , Spider orchid Caladenia bryceana, Dwarf Spider orchid Caladenia carnea, Pink Fingers Caladenia catenata, Pink Fingers Caladenia congesta, Black Tongue Caladenia Caladenia cucullata, Hooded Caladenia Caladenia deformis, Blue Fairies Caladenia deformis, Bluebeard Caladenia Caladenia dilitata, Green Comb Spider orchid Caladenia discoidia, Dancing orchid Caladenia filamentosa, Daddy Long Legs Caladenia filamentosa, Tailed Caladenia Caladenia flava, Cowslip orchid Caladenia gemmata, Blue China orchid Caladenia iridescens, Bronze Caladenia Caladenia latifolia, Pink Fairies Caladenia leptochile, Narrow Lip Spider orchid Caladenia menziesi, Rabbit orchid Caladenia menziesii, Duck orchid Caladenia menziesii, Hare orchid Caladenia multiclava, Lazy Spider orchid Caladenia ovata, Kangaroo Island Spider orchid Caladenia pattersonii, Common Spider orchid Caladenia reticulata, Veined Spider orchid Caladenia tessellata, Thick Lip Spider orchid Calanthe triplicata, Black orchid Calanthe triplicata, Christmas lily Calanthe triplicata, Scrub lily Calanthe triplicata, White Crane orchid Caleana major, Flying duck orchid Caleana major, Large Duck orchid Caleana minor, Small Duck orchid Calochilus campestris, Copper Beards Calochilus grandiflora, Great Beardie Calochilus herbaceus, Pale Beard orchid Calochilus robertsonii, Brown Beards Calopogon barbata, Bearded Grass pink Calopogon pallidus, Pale Grass pink Calopogon pulchellum, Grass pink Calopogon tuberosus Grass pink Calypso bulbosa, Calypso Calypso bulbosa, Chinese Lady's-slipper Calypso bulbosa, Cythera Calypso bulbosa, Deer's head orchid Calypso bulbosa, Fairy-slipper Calypso bulbosa, False Lady's-slipper orchid Calypso bulbosa, Hider-of-the-north Calypso bulbosa, Pink slipper Calypso bulbosa, Redwood orchid Campyloscentrum ornithorrhynchum, Toothbrush orchid Campyloscentrum pachyrrhizum, Crooked spur Campyloscentrum pachyrrhizum, Ghost orchid Capanemia micromeira, Porcupine orchid Catasetum macrocarpum, Monkey goblet Catasetum macrocarpum, Monkshead Catasetum pileatum, Flor de nacar Catasetum pileatum, Mother of pearl flower Cattleya aurea, Golden yellow Cattleya Cattleya dowiana, Gueria de turrialba Cattleya dowiana, Gueria reina Cattleya dowiana, Queen of the Cattleyas Cattleya dowiana, Queen orchid Cattleya dowiana, San Juanes Cattleya dowiana var. Aurea, Reina del Choco Cattleya mossiae, Easter orchid Cattleya percivaliana, Christmas orchid Cattleya schroderae, Easter orchid Cattleya skinneri, Guaria morada Cattleya skinneri var. alba, Flower of San Sebastian Cattleya trianaei, Christmas orchid Cattleya violacea, Superba of the Orinoco Cattleya warscewiczii, San Juanes Caularthron bicornutum, Virgin orchid Caularthron bilamellatum, Little virgin orchid Caularthron bilamellatum Virgin orchid Cephalanthera austinae, Phantom orchid Cephalanthera austinae, Snow orchid Cephalanthera pallens, European large white Helleborine Cephalanthera rubra, Red Helleborine Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, Narrow leaved Helleborine Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, Sword-leaved Helleborine Cephalanthera xiphophyllum, White Lady Cephalanthera xiphophylum, Little white woodbird Chilochista, Angel without leaves Chiloglottis cornuta, Green Bird orchid Chiloglottis dockrillii, Dockrill's Bird orchid Chiloglottis formicifera, Ant orchid Chiloglottis gunnii, Common Bird orchid Chiloglottis gunnii, Large Bird orchid Chiloglottis pesscottiana, Alpine Bird orchid Chiloglottis pesscottiana, Bronze Bird orchid Chiloglottis reflexa, Autumn Bird orchid Chiloglottis trapeziformis, Broadlip Bird orchid Chloraea alpina, Mountain tulip Chloraea crispa, Parrot's beak Chloraea galeata, Early orchid Chloraea incise, Field tulip Chloraea speciosa, Cow's foot orchid Chloraea speciosa, White field lily Chloraea ulanthioides, Parrot's Tongue Chrysoglossum ornatum, Golden cicada orchid Chrysoglossum ornatum, Yellow lip orchid Chysis, Baby orchid Cirrhopetalum medusae, Medusa's head orchid Cleisostoma paniculatum, Tiger orchid Cleistes divaricata, Rosebud orchid Cleistes divaricata, Spreading orchid Codonorchis tetraphylla, Little pigeon orchid Codonorchis tetraphylla, White Lily Coeloglossum viride, Frog orchid Coelogyne dayana, Necklace orchid Coelogyne pandurata, Black orchid Coelogyne rochussenii, Necklace orchid Coelogyne ruchosina, Rosary orchid Coelogyne tomentosa, Necklace orchid Collabium formosanum, Horse-whip orchid Corallorhiza maculate, Many flowered Coral-root Corallorhiza maculate, Spotted Coral-root Corallorhiza mertensiana, Merten's Coral-root Corallorhiza mertensiana, Western Coral-root Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Autumn Coral-root Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Toothed Coral-root Corallorhiza striata, Macrae's Coral-root Corallorhiza striata, Madder-stripes Corallorhiza striata, Striped Coral-root Corallorhiza trifida, Early Coral-root Corallorhiza trifida, Northern Coral-root Corallorhiza wisteriana, Wister's Corral-root Coryanthes, Bucket orchid Coryanthes macrantha, Monkey orchid Coryanthes speciosa, Bat orchid Corybas abellianus, Abell's Helmet orchid Corybas acontiflorus, Spurred Helmet orchid Corybas diemenicus, Purple Helmet orchid Corybas diemenicus, Slatey Helmet orchid Corybas dilatatus, Stately Helmet orchid Corybas dilitatus, Toothed Helmet orchid Corybas dilitatus, Veined Helmet orchid Corybas pruinasa, Frosty Helmet orchid Corybas trilobas, Spider orchid Corybas undulates, Tailed Helmet orchid Corybas unguiculatus, Small Helmet orchid Criosanthes arietina, Ram's head Lady's-slipper Cryptophoranthus, Window orchid Cryptostylis arachnites, Golden cricket orchid Cryptostylis erecta, Tartan Tongue orchid Cryptostylis hunteriana, Leafless Tongue orchid Cryptostylis leptochila, Small Tongue orchid Cryptostylis ovata, Broad leaf Tongue orchid Cryptostylis subulata, Large Tongue orchid Cryptostylis subulata, Moose orchid Cryptostylis subulata, Moose Tongue orchid Cycnoches especially chlorochilon, Swan orchid Cycnoches especially pentadactylon, Swan's neck orchid Cymbidium, Wind orchid Cymbidium humblotii, Black orchid Cymbidium alborubera, Parson's bands Cymbidium arrangans, Mt. Tu-Wu Fall orchid Cymbidium aspidestrifolium, Green-flowered Peacock orchid Cymbidium canaliculatum, Banana orchid Cymbidium canaliculatum, Queensland black orchid Cymbidium dayanum, Tree orchid Cymbidium dayanum, Phoenix orchid Cymbidium ensifolium, Four season orchid Cymbidium ensifolium, Four seasons orchid Cymbidium ensifolium, Spring orchid Cymbidium ensifolium, New Year's Day orchid Cymbidium ensifolium, Golden-thread orchid Cymbidium faberi, Multi-flower orchid Cymbidium formosanum, Spring orchid Cymbidium formosanum, Spring orchid Cymbidium formosanum var. gracillimum, Leek orchid Cymbidium goeringii, Rich & noble orchid Cymbidium goeringii, Riverstream orchid Cymbidium gracillimum, Chive orchid Cymbidium gracillimum, Miscanthus orchid Cymbidium illiberale, Golden leaf-edge orchid Cymbidium javanicum var. aspidistrifolium, Green Bamboo-leaf orchid Cymbidium kanran, Cymbidium lancifolium, Cut-grass orchid Cymbidium lancifolium, Spoon leaf orchid Cymbidium lancifolium, White Bamboo-leaf orchid Cymbidium madidum, Buttercup orchid Cymbidium madidum, Northern Cymbidium Cymbidium nagifolium, Bamboo-leaf orchid Cymbidium oiwakensis, Multiflowered orchid Cymbidium pumilum, Yellow margin orchid Cymbidium rubrigemmum, Burned apex orchid Cymbidium rubrigemmum, Rock orchid Cymbidium suave, Snake Flower Cymbidium tortisepalum, Miscanthus orchid Cymbidium tsukergensis, Broad leaf Spring orchid Cymbidium tsukergensis, Mt. Tsukerg orchid Cymbidium tsukergensis, Snow orchid Cymbidium virescens, Spring flower Cynorchis, Dog orchid Cyperorchis babae, Fragrant sand grass Cypripedium, Camel's foot Cypripedium, Squirrel foot Cypripedium, Steeple cap Cypripedium, Venus' shoe Cypripedium, Whippoorwill shoe Cypripedium acaule, Moccasin flower Cypripedium calceolus, Fraueschub Cypripedium calceolus, Guckuko Cypripedium calceolus, Kuldking Cypripedium calceolus, Pantoffala Cypripedium calceolus, Sabot de la virge Cypripedium calceolus, Tikankonti Cypripedium calceolus, Woodpecker nuksack Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Golden Slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Indian shoe Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Lady's-slipper Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens Yellow Moccasin flower Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, Yellow Noah's Ark Cypripedium fasciculatum, Brownie Lady's-slipper Cypripedium fasciculatum, Clustered Lady's-slipper Cypripedium guttatum, Spotted Lady's-slipper Cypripedium irapeanum, Flor de Pelicano Cypripedium montanum, Large Lady's-slipper Cypripedium montanum, Moccasin flower Cypripedium montanum, Mountain Lady's-slipper Cypripedium montanum, White Lady's-slipper Cypripedium passerinum, Franklyn's Lady's-slipper Cypripedium passerinum, Purple-spot White Slipper Cypripedium passerinum, Small white northern Lady's-slipper Cypripedium passerinum, Sparrow's egg Lady's-slipper Cypripedium passerinum, Swallow's egg Lady's-slipper Cypripedium reginae, Large white Lady's-slipper Cypripedium reginae, Queen's Lady's-slipper Cypripedium reginae, Showy Lady's-slipper Cyrtopodium andersonii, Cow horn orchid Cyrtopodium punctatum, Bee swarm orchid Cyrtopodium punctatum, Cigar orchid Cyrtopodium punctatum, Cow horn orchid Cystopus, Jewel orchid Dactylorhiza fuschii, Common Spotted orchid Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp coccina, Early Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp coccina, Northern Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza maculata ssp ericetorum, Heath spotted orchid Dactylorhiza pardatina, Leopard Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza praetermissa, Overlooked orchid Dactylorhiza praetermissa, Southern Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza purpurella, Early Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza purpurella, Northern Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza sambucina, Elder-flowered orchid Dactylorhiza trounsteineri, Narrow-leaved Marsh orchid Dendrobium aduncum, Angelfish orchid Dendrobium aemulum, Ironbark orchid Dendrobium aurantiroseum, Aunty Rosie Dendrobium beckleri Pencil orchid Dendrobium beckleri, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium bigibbum, Cooktown orchid Dendrobium canaliculatum, Antelope orchid Dendrobium canaliculatum, Teatree orchid Dendrobium chrysotoxum, Fried egg orchid Dendrobium crumenatum, Dove orchid Dendrobium crumenatum, Pigeon orchid Dendrobium crumenatum, Sparrow orchid Dendrobium cucumerinum, Cucumber orchid Dendrobium densiflorum, Pineapple orchid Dendrobium discolor, Golden orchid Dendrobium ephemerum, Small white orchid Dendrobium falcarostrum, Beech orchid Dendrobium gouldii, Florida Blue Dendrobium gouldii, Guadalcanal gold Dendrobium gracilicaule, Leopard orchid Dendrobium hasseltii, Spinach orchid Dendrobium kingianum, Pink rock lily Dendrobium kingianum, Pink Rock orchid Dendrobium lawesii, Christmas bell orchid Dendrobium linguaeforme, Thumbnail orchid Dendrobium linguaeforme, Tongue orchid Dendrobium macarthiae, Vesak Mala Dendrobium macrophylum, The pastor's orchid Dendrobium mirbelianum, Mangrove orchid Dendrobium monophyllum, Lily of the Valley orchid Dendrobium mortii, Pencil orchid Dendrobium mortii, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium nindii, Cowslip orchid Dendrobium ostrinoglossum, May River orchid Dendrobium ostrinoglossum, Sepik Blue orchid Dendrobium pugioniforme, Dagger orchid Dendrobium racemosum, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium ruppianum, Small Demon Dendrobium ruppianum, Small lemon orchid Dendrobium secundum, Toothbrush orchid Dendrobium senile, Old man orchid Dendrobium smilliae, Bottle-brush orchid Dendrobium speciosum, Captain King's Dendrobium Dendrobium speciosum, King orchid Dendrobium speciosum, Pink Rock orchid Dendrobium speciosum, Rock lily Dendrobium striolatum, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium striolatum, Streaked Rock orchid Dendrobium superbum, Honohono Dendrobium taurinum, Bull orchid Dendrobium tenuissimum, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium teretifolium, Bridal veil orchid Dendrobium teretifolium, Pencil orchid Dendrobium teretifolium, Rat tail orchid Dendrobium tetragonum, Spider orchid Dendrobium tetragonum, Tree spider orchid Dendrobium victoriae-reginae, Blue orchid Dendrochilum, Cat's-tail orchid Dendrochilum, Fox brush orchid Dendrochilum formosanum, Yellow spike orchid Diploprora championii, Cascading orchid Dipodium punctatum, Hyacinth orchid Disa uniflora, Flower of the Gods Disa uniflora, Pride of Table Mountain Disperis capensis, Granny's bonnet Disperis fanniniae, Granny's bonnet Diuris aurea, Golden diuris Diuris carinata, Bee orchid Diuris emarginata, Tall Donkey orchid Diuris especially punctata, Donkey orchid Diuris especially purdei, Donkey orchid Diuris filifolia, Cat's Face Diuris laevis, Nanny-goat orchid Diuris longifolia, Common Donkey orchid Diuris longifolia, Wallflower Diuris Diuris maculate, Leopard orchid Diuris palochile, Broad Tip Diuris Diuris palustris, Swamp Diuris Diuris pedenculata, Golden Moth orchid Diuris pedenculata, Snake orchid Diuris pedenculata var. blakneya, Purple Diuris Diuris punctata, Double Tails Diuris sulphurea, Sulphur Double Tail Dossinia, Jewel orchid Dracula cutis-bufonis, Toad skin orchid Drakaea, Hammer orchid Drakaea ciliate, Elbow orchid Drakaea huntiana, Small Elbow orchid Drakaea irritabilis, Large Elbow orchid Drakaea elastica, Praying virgin Drakaea fitzgeraldii, Warty Hammer orchid Drakaea glyptodont, King-in-his-carriage Drakaea jeanensis, Hammer orchid Dryadella edwallii, Pheasant-in-the-grass Dryadella zebri, Pheasant-in-the-grass Earina autumnalis, Easter orchid Eburophyton species, Phantom orchid Elythranthera brunensis, Purple Enamel orchid Elythranthera emarginata, Pink Enamel orchid Encyclia citrine, Flower in the Form of a Yellow Serpent Encyclia fragrans, Clamshell orchid Encyclia lancifolia, Clamshell orchid Encyclia phoenicea, Chocolate orchid Encyclia tampensis, Butterfly orchid Encyclia tampensis, Florida Butterfly orchid Encyclia tampensis, Onion orchid Encyclia adenocaula, Rabbit Ears Encyclia boothiana var. erythronioides, Dollar orchid Encyclia cochleata, Clamshell orchid Epiblema grandiflora, Babe-in-a-cradle Epidendrum ciliare, Chicken-feather orchid Epidendrum ciliare, Spider orchid Epidendrum ciliate, Eyelash orchid Epidendrum cochleatum, Green squid orchid Epidendrum conopseum, Florida epidendrum Epidendrum conopseum, Green fly orchid Epidendrum mariae, Wedding orchid of Mexico Epidendrum moyobambae, Lamb's tail Epidendrum nocturnum, Lady of the Night orchid Epidendrum O'brienianum, Butterfly orchid Epidendrum O'brienianum, Red Crucifix orchid Epidendrum porpax, Beetle orchid Epidendrum radicans, Crucifix orchid Epidendrum radicans, Rainbow orchid Epidendrum secundum, Hyndy kuayna Epidendrum venosum, Butterfly orchid Epidendrum xipheres, Mosquito orchid Epigeneium amplum, Black-tongued orchid Epigeneium nakahari, Waxy flower Dendrobium Epipactis atropupureum, Dark red Helleborine Epipactis gigantean, Chatterbox orchid Epipactis gigantean, False Lady's-slipper Epipactis gigantean, Giant Helleborine Epipactis gigantean, Giant orchid Epipactis gigantean, Stream orchid Epipactis helleborine, Broad-leaved Helleborine Epipactis helleborine, Nodding Ladies' Tresses Epipactis palustris, Marsh Helleborine Eria corneri, Yellow Woolly orchid Eria hypomelana Small Cylinder orchid Eria hypomelana, Small Leg orchid Eria luchuensis, Large Cylinder orchid Eria luchuensis, Large Leg orchid Eria phillipinensis, Woolly orchid Eria reptana, Peanut Woolly orchid Eria spicata, Lily of the Valley orchid Eria vestita, Furred Eria Eriochilus cuculata, Parson's bands Eriochilus dilitatus, White Bunnies Eriochilus scabra, Pink Bunny Erythrodes, Jewel orchid Euanthe sanderiana, Waling-Waling orchid Eulophia alta, Wild co